About Mancke

MANCKE has been producing superior handmade headjoints since 1986. The company was started by Christoph Mancke, who began his flute studies in 1965 with Professor Ludwig Jann in Dortmund. His love of music and the flute lead his interests to the construction of the instrument itself. In 1986, he produced the first MANCKE headjoint, beginning a family tradition of excellence. His son, Tobias, joined the business in 1998.

Tobias Mancke started his music studies with saxophone before switching to the flute. He studied flute with Hans-Martin Müller, WDR Radio Symphony Cologne. He is a trained toolmaker and has made tools for (among others) Dana Sheridan, recognized as one of the finest living flute makers, from whom he received his flute-making training.

After joining the family business, Tobias focused on research and development, with his father Christoph, to develop new headjoint models and combinations of materials. Tobias became the sole owner of MANCKE Flutes in 2002 and continues to craft handmade headjoints to the highest standard in his state-of-the-art shop in Speicher /Germany.


MANCKE superior headjoints are played worldwide by renowned soloists, orchestral players, professors, and conservatory students. Tobias maintains extensive contacts with professional flutists to follow the trends and demands of markets around the world. This close contact allows MANCKE to react to specific trends and market demands. This collaborative approach has led Tobias to develop many material combinations to offer the widest variety of complex color and sound potential, responsiveness and control. MANCKE handmade flute headjoints are available in many models and combinations of materials, offering the broadest selection available in the industry.


Tobias further revolutionized the piccolo world with his patented MANCKE Interchangeable Adaptor System. This system allows for MANCKE piccolo headjoints to fit to any piccolo brand and model. An interchangeable screw-in tenon is available in different sizes to perfectly fit inside the piccolo, while the adaptor sleeve in different sizes can be selected to fit properly on the outside of the piccolo. This system allows the player to the entire selection of headjoint possibilities on any piccolo. The broadest selection of piccolo headjoints in the industry is available through MANCKE. All MANCKE piccolo headjoints share the consistency of superb workmanship that MANCKE flute headjoints are known for – unparalleled responsiveness, flexibility, resonance and projection.

Have a look at the Adaptor System here.


Through Tobias’ vision and innovation, MANCKE headjoints are some of the most sought after flute and piccolo headjoints in the world.  The specific quality of a MANCKE headjoint is a highly consistent mix of intense sound with vibrant presence and depth, flexibility and effortless projection. There is no one MANCKE sound; rather the right pairing of a MANCKE headjoint to the artist, which will release all of the potential of the flute in their hands to create their own, uniquely expressive sound.

Notes from around the World

Emmanuel Pahud:

“Such a feeling of flexibility, richness of sound, freedom and joy to explore all these new sounds on my new ✨@mancketobias✨ headjoint”

Emmanuel Pahud

Flute World:

“Tobias Mancke is a rising star in the world of headjoint design with very good reason, and Flute World is proud to be an authorized dealer to represent his work in the U.S. A onetime apprentice to the master Dana Sheridan, Tobias has developed an original approach to designing and building superior headjoints in both precious metals and wood. Revealed at every angle of a Mancke headjoint is its exquisite craftsmanship and Mancke offers an impressive variety of material combinations and geometric innovations that provide musicians with a broad range of tonal color and dynamic possibilities to choose from. The incredible attention to detail experienced in a Mancke headjoint goes beyond anything we’ve ever seen before. Even under close inspection we are amazed by the finish quality and unsurpassed symmetry seen in his work… a true testament to Tobias’ exceptional eye and great hand.”

Flute World

Carolyn Nussbaum Music:

“Tobias Mancke has quickly become one of the top headjoint makers in the world, and for good reason – his headjoints display some of the most exquisite, detailed craftsmanship extant. Mancke, a past apprentice of fellow headjoint maker Dana Sheridan, specializes in combinations. Every Mancke headjoint features amalgamations of materials and innovative cuts designed to enhance paricular aspects of tonal flexbility, range, and color, providing a huge range of dynamic and tonal possibilities to choose from. Every headjoint is also a work of fine art, with unsurpassed finish quality and detail.

Mancke flute headjoints are almost infinitely customizable – and infinitely varied. A silver tube might be paired with a cocuswood lip plate, a gold riser, and a gold crown – or it might be all silver, all the way through. A wooden grendilla headjoint might have a gold tenon and a platinum riser, or it might be simple wood for that solid, earthy sound. Each mixed or pure combination brings its own qualities to the table.

Mancke piccolo headjoints are designed to fit nearly all piccolos, regardless of brand. Custom adapter sleeves, sized for dozens of brands, allow the piccolo player to select a unique, highly responsive headjoint in the same way a player selects a flute headjoint.

The Carolyn Nussbaum Music Company is proud to offer the largest selection of Mancke headjoints in the United States.”

Carolyn Nussbaum Music